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How to automate WooCommerce discount on checkout

We are getting this question often from our WooCommerce Zoho Inventory plugin customers: how we can we provide automatic discount based on cart quantity? This type of implementation is something we also did on this very website. Our store will automatically apply a percentage discount to your cart based on the type of product and its quantity.

PS: this tutorial will ensure your webshop’s orders are still synced to your Zoho Inventory or any other third party platform.

1. Install this free plugin: WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

2. Create a coupon and go to “Miscellaneous” and enable Auto coupon.

3. Now configure according to your rules

Now you can configure the rules that apply for your business model. For example; apply the coupon only for certain categories or add a minimum quantity rule.

4. (optional) Now repeat the steps with a new coupon for different quantity levels in cart.

If you are selling licenses like we do, you might want to sell them in a volume discount model:

  • 20% discount if cart has 2x qnt of same product
  • 30% discount if cart has 3x qnt of same product
  • 40% discount if cart has 4x qnt of same product
  • 50% discount if cart has 5x qnt or more of the same product.

That means that you have to create 4 coupons in total that apply to those four scenarios.

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