Milestone achieved – Exact App Center

Hard work pays off - that has always been our way of life in everything we do. We are excited and delighted to share some good news in these extraordinary times: our WooCommerce Exact Online plugin is now officially available in the Exact App Center! Its been a long road to certification by Read More about Milestone achieved – Exact App Center

WooCommerce Zoho Inventory – Summer Release

When we launched the Zoho Inventory plugin for WooCommerce a year ago, we did not anticipate the demand would be growing this hard. This has forced us to rethink the architecture of the plugin in terms of functionalities, inter-compatibility, UX and more. In this article, we will highlight some of Read More about WooCommerce Zoho Inventory – Summer Release

Announcing WooCommerce Zoho CRM Cloud integration Platform

Its been almost a year since we launched the WooCommerce Zoho CRM plugin and we have learned a lot from it, the good and the bad. The release of that plugin had two goals: find out what WooCommerce store owners really want to sync to their Zoho CRM and understand all relevant aspects of the Zoho API Read More about Announcing WooCommerce Zoho CRM Cloud integration Platform

What is Zoho Inventory

What is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is a complete inventory management SaaS to manage your inventory, orders, customers and accounting. With full links between DHL, UPS, PostNL, DPD and other mail order companies you can automate the entire delivery process and organize your processes efficiently. All this from just € 1 per user / month. We can advise you on this in a 30-minute free consultation session. Try 30 days for Free

Benefits Zoho Inventory:

  • Manage your WooCommerce inventory, customers and orders
  • End-2-End Tracking of each item or batch
  • Shipping integrations with DHL, UPS, DPD, POSTNL and more!
  • Warehouse management
  • Native integration with Accounting and CRM
  • Manage inventory and Orders from Mobile app for iOS or Android
  • Try 30 days for Free
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