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Yes! Since version 3.7.0, we have introduced bulk sync of all existing orders* via the bulk action dropdown in the WooCommerce Orders listing page.

*Note: cannot sync guest orders as they are not supported by the Zoho API.

Yes! As a matter of fact, you can exclusively enable the sync based on the selected Zoho Item Categories in the plugin settings "Cron Configuration" tab. Please read the documentation for more info.

Syncing from WooCommerce to Zoho is in real-time. From Zoho to WooCommerce is done via the cronjob. The cron script can check for changes in Zoho once every interval.
You can setup the Cron to check for changes in Zoho once every:

  • 3 Hour (if you have up to 100 items)
  • 12 hours (if you have up to 1000 items)
  • Day (more than 1000 items)

Real-time sync from Zoho to WooCommerce is available after the item is created in woocommerce.

You may need to purchase additional API batches from Zoho if you have thousands of products. You can contact them via support@zoho-inventory.com if you need more than 5000 API calls per day.

Yes! The equivalent feature in WooCommerce is added with the plugin "Product Bundles", you need to install that combined with the Pro version of our plugin.

Yes! Since version 2.2.0, we also support the B2B WooCommerce plugin via our new feature "Pricelist". This allows you to map a certain Zoho Pricelist to a certain user (like B2B, Wholesale or Retailer etc). Please read the documentation for more information.

Yes, if you have purchased the Pro plan, simply follow these instructions.

No. That would also beat the point of using Zoho Inventory. WooCommerce is a sales channel to receive an order and Zoho Inventory is a fulfilment system to further process that order; packaging, shipping, invoicing, etc. The main purpose of this plugin is for you to manage everything from Zoho Inventory.

Yes, but you need to consider the following rules:
- Products that are synced to Zoho must have the same SKU and Price on all webshops. They should at least have the same SKU (matching parameter), our plugin will update the price on all websites according to products data in Zoho Inventory. 
- Products also need to have the same category on all webshops to ensure the syncing works. 
- You will need to purchase multiple licenses (quantities) in one purchase on our website based on number of websites you want to sync with zoho. Volume discount will be applied automatically, please read the FAQ section about this.

For most users it works and for some it does not. You can find out during the 7-days Trial period. As alternative, we recommend in using GTranslate plugin which is superior in all possible ways and causes no conflicts.

Yes! since version 1.5.0 we have implemented Real-Cron to sync products. This means syncing via the server instead of WordPress. This allows you to sync thousands of products every day as long as your hosting supports it*

*Real Cronjob is not supported on WPEngine cPanel, but you can use the WP Control plugin to run the cronjob via WP Cron. We will assist you in this. 

These are the prerequisites to this plugin:

  • WordPress 5.2 or higher
  • WooCommerce 4.6.0 or higher
  • PHP 7.2 + (we recommend 7.4)
  • Paid Zoho Inventory account (or Zoho One)

Please check your site-health by going to Tools > Site Health in your wp-admin.
You should not have any critical issues on your website. If you do, you can contact your Hosting provider and they will help you solve it.

We offer recurring discount on all our Zoho plugins:

  • 2 licenses = 20% discount
  • 3 licenses = 30% discount
  • 4 licenses = 40% discount
  • 5 licenses = 50% discount
  • 6 licenses or more = 60% discount

The discount will be applied automatically in your cart depending on the quantity of licenses you have chosen.

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via internet download we offer no refunds*.

* refund exception: if a core feature is not working within the first 30 days of purchase and is not fixed within one working day, you will get a full refund.

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