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In December 2022 we had a wonderful conversation with Chelsea from to rebuild their website in a new theme as part of our Premium Woo-Scale Package, which includes high-priority support on the Zoho Inventory for WooCommerce plugin.

We started the work in early January and delivered it in February. All the major pain points were resolved and the client was satisfied with the result.

The Problem

Suppleyes Australia was using an outdated custom theme with limited support for WooCommerce. This was causing several issues like:

  • Key features of WooCommerce not working properly thus causing cart and checkout fails and
  • Search not working
  • Poor overall performance, only achieving a 32 score on Google Pagespeed tests
  • Memory overhead due to large number of products and images

Because of these issues, the company was unable to activate marketing campaigns on the website and more importantly to serve their existing client base.

Video – old website with broken search


To address Suppleyes Australia’s pain points and enable them to scale their business, our digital WooCommerce agency implemented the following solutions:

  1. New WooCommerce Theme: We recommended and implemented a modern and responsive WooCommerce theme that is recommended by WooCommerce HQ. This new theme provided enhanced functionality, stability, and compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for Suppleyes’ customers.
  2. Offloading Media Library via Amazon S3: To reduce the memory usage and optimize the website’s performance, we offloaded Suppleyes’ entire media library to Amazon S3. This resulted in a 80% reduction in memory overhead, allowing the website to handle larger product catalogs and media files without affecting its performance.
  3. Custom Checkout and Cart Pages: We created new custom checkout and native cart pages for Suppleyes’ website. These pages were tailored to their specific requirements and designed to prevent any issues related to the cart and checkout process. By ensuring a smooth and error-free ordering experience, we helped minimize abandoned carts and increase successful transactions.
  4. Google Customer Address Finder: To eliminate address mistakes during the checkout process, we integrated a Google customer address finder feature. This functionality auto-populates customer addresses based on their inputs, ensuring accurate and prompt deliveries while reducing the chances of shipping errors.
  5. Improved Caching Techniques: We implemented advanced caching techniques to optimize Suppleyes’ website performance. By effectively caching static content and frequently accessed data, we significantly improved page load times. As a result, visitors experienced faster page rendering, enhancing the overall user experience and increasing the chances of conversions.

The Outcome

Following the implementation of our solutions, Suppleyes Australia witnessed significant improvements in their online business operations:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The new WooCommerce theme, custom checkout and cart pages, and optimized page load times greatly improved the overall user experience. Customers found it easier to navigate the website, make purchases, and complete transactions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.
  2. Increased Sales and Conversion Rates: With a more stable and user-friendly website, Suppleyes experienced a boost in sales and conversion rates. The streamlined checkout process, coupled with the improved address finder feature, reduced cart abandonment and order errors, resulting in more successful transactions.
  3. Improved Scalability: By offloading the media library and optimizing memory usage, Suppleyes was able to scale their business effectively. They could add more products and images without worrying about performance issues, enabling them to expand their offerings and cater to a growing customer base.
  4. Enhanced Marketing Opportunities: The website’s improved stability and performance allowed Suppleyes to activate marketing campaigns effectively. They could now leverage various marketing strategies such as discounts, promotions, and email campaigns to attract new customers and retain existing ones, thereby driving revenue growth.
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Visit the new Suppleyes Store

Testimonial from the CEO

After having our website redeveloped just 1 year ago and having such a bad experience, I was nervous to engage with another developing agency, but Fawad and the Team at Road Map Studios have been wonderful.
The communication and explanations have been first rate! All aspects of our website has been considered – not just want it looks like.

– Chelsea O’Neill

chelsea from suppleyes
New WooCommerce Theme
Performance Optimizations
Service & Support


We understand that building a quality website is not an overnight process. It takes time from the developers and the site owners to build a relationship so both have an understanding of what each other needs. Road Map Studios are passionate about creating a solid framework for your site to grow. Together we will continue to build quality functionality for both our users and our staff while gathering and analyzing data to ensure we are meeting the business objectives of our company.
Thank you Road Map Studios


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