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July 1 2019

Yes! As a matter of fact, you can exclusively enable the sync based on the selected Zoho Item Categories in the plugin settings "Cron Configuration" tab. Please read the documentation for more info.

You can setup the sync interval (cronjob) to check for changes in Zoho once every:

  • Minute
  • 10 minutes
  • hour
  • Day

Our plugin will turn your WooCommerce Checkout template into a beautiful, conversion focused, multi-step checkout process. You only need to disable "guest checkout" in woocommerce settings to ensure contact sync works.

The short answer is no. The equivalent feature in WooCommerce is added with the plugin "Product Bundles". We have not added support for this plugin yet. We will add support in the future.

In most cases, Yes! However, please note that some shared hosting do not allow thousands of products syncing. If you have more than 200 products, we recommend you use a dedicated hosting.

Yes! Please see the details here (popup)

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3 reviews for WooCommerce Zoho Inventory

  1. andrew notton (verified owner) -

    Excellent bit of software well worth the money. support is excellent too and the software does a lot more than you think excellent 10 out or 10😁😁😁

    • Fawad (verified owner) -

      Thank you Andrew for the kind words! We will keep delivering quality and service :)

  2. Lars Solberg -

    Super plugin for connecting WooCommerce with Zoho Inventory, enabling efficient handling of inventory management, sales orders, packing, shipping and invoicing. Through this plugin, you are able to manage your products and inventory in your WooCommerce shop, directly from Zoho Inventory. RoadMap Studios has super customer support, with quick and efficient assistance whenever needed! Highly recommended!

    • Fawad (verified owner) -

      Thank you Lars for the kind words! We will continue to make this a better plugin every day.

  3. xam (verified owner) -

    The plugin works great from the get go, the support by Fawad goes beyond all expectations. Additional features are developed in no time. It has the ease of use you would expect from a bought solution, but with the added support it has the freedom of a customized solution. Would highly recommend.

    • Fawad (verified owner) -

      Thank you Xam for the kind review! We will continue to help you as WooCommerce developers :)

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