Simplebooking is a comprehensive all-in-one SaaS for the appointment sector. Clients include hair salons, personal trainers, beauty salons, automotive services and much more. The start-up is growing fast through continuous innovation and a solid strategy.


The company had the complete design and technical specifications to build a SaaS, but little knowledge of the Ruby framework.
The goal was to create a fully automated Software-as-a-Service for companies in the engagement sector. The design was good and the functional specifications were also clear. It had to be modularly built with Appointments & amp; POS as the core modules. Moreover, the UI bootstrap had to allow its continuous innovation in UX. Finally, the platform had to be scalable to be able to process more and more data and visitors.


Because the customer had the design and specifications, the goal was clear to us from the beginning. However, this was a very extensive and large system and this would take more than half a year to make an MVP. We also succeeded because we were very focused and agile. We focused on the following pillars:

  • Modular architecture
  • Bootstrap design
  • Integration with, among others, Mollie, Google and Facebook
  • Scalability
  • Safety

The result may also be there. We have been working on the final release version for a year and are still working on it today.
Hairdressers / Personal Trainers / More can run their entire business on simplebooking and customers can easily schedule an appointment with their hairdresser or personal trainer.
View the result here: