School gate is a new one educational cloud platform for primary and secondary education. The platform consists of modules for communication & administration including a parent portal, classroom chat for students, planning modules and links with Google Suite and Office 365.


Schoolpoort approached us in the fall of 2017 to build an MVP (minimum viable product) with it Ionic Framework. At that time, the platform only consisted of one Salesforce backend. We were given the assignment to create a progressive app that is connected to the backend and serves as a primary portal to use all functions.


In a period of 6 months we have built a super fast, safe and beautiful Ionic App for Android and iOS (incl. Tablets) with which Schoolpoort could continue to launch it in September 2018. Our focus was on a seamless API link with Salesforce, extremely safe and fast for the user and a modern 'material design' UX.
The result may also be there. Some of the functions that we developed:

  • Portfolio Module (student can upload and have his reports and presentations uploaded).
  • Chat Module (student / parent can chat with teachers, exchange files and photos).
  • Progress Module (Student can see his / her performance and compare different skills).
  • And more…

Android: download
iOS: download

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