AppPresser is an innovative app-building SaaS that specializes in the integration of WordPress. It contains several WordPress plugins and a theme that performs special functions, such as integration with familiar plugins. Since we work as a European partner with AppPresser for small projects, we know the platform just as well as the makers. That is why we also offer plugins and themes in our shop for AppPresser users.


AppPresser wanted to take the next step with their server running on PHP. The server with a PHP application ensures that the app files (source code), are merged into a zip file. After this, the zip to Phonegap sent to a ready-to-use Android and iOS package. This process has a number of major challenges, in particular scalability and web standards (ES6) that are constantly changing at high speed. The server was unable to cope with the large number of app-building processes and that created a lot of frustration among users. The company also had to maintain the PHP software to comply with the new standards. This had to be realized easier, safer and in a way that supports the growth of the company.
apppresser appency
Old Process with PHP server


Together with AppPresser, we looked closely at all processes and where the bottlenecks were. We replaced the PHP server with a Nodejs server that is scalable and the server is less loaded. In this we also replaced the app-build application with it Ionic FrameworkThis guarantees that the source code and structure will always meet the web standards and the company does not have to maintain the engine itself. This also prevents the Phonegap errors (failed builds) because the code structure was outdated. Because of our solution, the company has now saved a lot of time (= money) on the internal processes and can focus more on their core business.

apppresser appency
New Process with Nodejs Server

"Fawad is one of our trusted partners for custom app development. He knows the AppPresser platform inside and out and can customize it to almost anything. "
- Scott Bolinger, Co-founder or AppPresser