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Roadmap Studios offers all the services you need to make your business successful. With Zoho as your all-in-1 business software and our own certified WooCommerce plug-ins for Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory and Exact Online, your company will thrive and be more effective.

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Our team of specialized consultants are ready to get the best out of your systems.
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We specialize in developing plug-ins and links with other systems.
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With us, nothing is too crazy. We are happy to help you with all your digital issues. Or we help you or we are looking for a suitable candidate.
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We see our customers not as customers, but as partners. We are happy to work with you on a strategic partnership so that your company is prepared for the developments in the future.
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Real-Time link between your WooCommerce webshop and Zoho CRM or Inventory? ✔ Check.

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Entrepreneurs must focus on doing business. We are happy to help you with all the supporting tasks you need to run your business.


We audit your processes to identify all your pain points and offer a matching solution.
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Carefree getting started with Zoho. We ensure onboarding and data migration for a smooth and worry-free transition.
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We offer standard training sessions of a half day during implementation by us. In addition to standard training, we also offer tailor-made training courses.
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Choose a customized support plan. No one hour with us. Together we draw up a support plan that will take care of you.
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    Flexibility, Expertise and Professionalism are 3 core values ​​that I like to assign to Roadmap & Fawad. He has been fully responsible (and still is) for the Go Lemon and Go Lime sites. Both Woocommerce shops are designed and built by him. I can recommend Roadmap to everyone!
    bass appencyGo Lemon
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    Just wrapped up a project with Roadmap Studios. Polite and professional throughout. Recommended.
    Siam NGK
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    From the start, to the current situation, to throwing screenshots and giving updates throughout the development cycle.
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    Great work by Fawad. A very professional and efficient service!
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    Fawad is one of our trusted partners for custom app development. He knows the AppPresser platform and can customize it to everything.
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    It is a professional company, with a great customer care. They are flexible professionals who are able to listen to customer needs.
    roadmap studioswww.ilvillaggiodiemmaus.it


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Zoho Social Media

Selling is social. Your CRM must therefore also be social.

Combine the power of social media in your sales process for more awareness of your brand, to build better, stronger relationships and to close deals faster.

Multiple profiles. A brand.

If your organization has profiles for individual products or services on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you can easily manage them with Zoho CRM by adding them to the profiles under a brand. Through closer integration with Zoho Social, Zoho CRM seamlessly synchronizes all your brand profiles and settings in real time. Spend less time setting up the system and more time closing deals.

Connect. Involve. Sale.

Manage all your social media conversations with potential customers on Facebook and Twitter in real time. From sharing content to concluding deals, everything goes directly through the Social tab in Zoho CRM.

Focus on the people and conversations that matter.

Follow posts and conversations from leads, contacts or potential customers and stay informed.

Add leads and contacts from social media.

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Zoho Telephony

Conversations with context

By integrating your call management applications with Zoho CRM, your team can have the CRM context with every call.

Call with one click

Don't waste any more time dialing phone numbers and calling directly from Zoho CRM. When you view a lead or contact, all you have to do is click on the call icon to make a call.

Never miss a call again thanks to reminder prompts

It is difficult to keep track of which phone calls you need to make, if you are monitoring multiple deals and have to perform countless tasks. With the reminder prompts for conversations from the telephone function you never forget a conversation.

Personal customer service

Even if you have hundreds of customers, you can greet them all by name when you connect your phones to CRM. Start building customer relationships by viewing conversations, notes, and tasks that are conducted with regard to each customer.

Save time with automatic registration of call data

Thanks to automatic recording of call data, manual data entry is a thing of the past. Use the conversation's pop-up window to add notes, create follow-up tasks, or assign the contact to a representative.

Call analysis

Measure the performance of your sales team and motivate them to deliver better performance with the help of call analysis. With built-in diagrams and reports you can visualize your conversation data and find out how you can offer a better customer experience.

Select the desired call management service provider

Zoho CRM is fully integrated with various popular providers of PBX and call management such as Twilio, RingCentral, Ring.io, Ozonetel, Knowlarity, Promero and more.
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Zoho SalesIQ

Join live chat.

Hold the attention of your website visitors in real time with live chat and increase your sales conversions. Via this highly interactive channel you can ask potential customers questions or give advice about the products that best meet their needs. zoho chat

Know your visitors.

Find out if a visitor is a returning customer or a new potential customer before you make contact. Receive a notification when a highly probable potential customer returns to your website, view this customer's deals in the pipeline and prioritize your efforts based on this. zoho chat

Don't let visitors slip away.

If your website attracts 1000 visitors per day, it is easy to miss highly likely potential customers who visited your site. By automatically segmenting visitors into leads, potential customers and customers, Zoho CRM ensures that you always know who visits your site. zoho chat

Powerful live chat reports.

Customer segmentations are shown in clear diagrams. Know where your visitors come from and what they are looking for, know what visitors with the most potential are on a given day, and more. Compare this measurement data over a period of time to identify trends and improve your customer interactions. zoho chat
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Zoho Mail

Improve productivity with contextual email management.

As a salesperson, it is essential that you know how to best communicate with your leads, potential customers and contacts. Write more powerful and more personal content by combining emails with contextual CRM data and analysis to get better responses from your contacts and potential customers. zoho mail

Don't let emails disappear from view.

Use Zoho CRM reports that show when your emails have been delivered, whether they have been opened and when they have been read. And because Zoho CRM links all emails to the relevant customer records, you never have to work through a pile of messages to send your next round of follow-ups.zoho mail

Drag. Put down. Design.

Templates are a quick and easy way to escape from the boring drafting of emails. Design a template that matches your style, or choose one from our gallery of special templates and customize it. Use the template editor to drag and drop elements, such as text, images, tables, and columns, wherever you want. zoho mail

Know how your team is doing.

A manager needs to know who performs well and who needs to perform better. Use Zoho CRM analyzes of each seller's account to create individual reports based on the number of emails they have sent per day, week or month. zoho mail

Compatible with your favorite e-mail system.

Send and receive e-mails from your favorite e-mail client, such as Gmail, Yahoo !, Outlook and Zoho Mail, so you never miss a message. Use the standard e-mail configuration to link all incoming e-mails to your CRM. zoho mail

Integrate your e-mail campaigns.

Integrate your CRM account with Zoho Campaigns to send emails in bulk to your leads, contacts, and potential customers. Start bulk email campaigns, analyze their performance with opening and click-through percentage reports, and import all leads and contacts from Zoho Campaigns into Zoho CRM. zoho mail
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zoho inventory zoho inventory zoho inventory
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