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Cron Scheduling

A cronjob is a time-based job scheduler that performs an action on every interval. For example, we can setup the cron-setting to import products from Zoho Inventory to WooCommerce every hour.

Via the Cron Scheduling page, you can enable the sync of Items from Zoho to Woocommerce: Product attributes changes like price/name/image/description, stock level changes and status of product (active/inactive).

First read this

If you notice that not all products are synced from WooCommerce to Zoho, then please add this cronjob first and let it run every 10 minutes until all products are synced. Then remove this cronjob from cPanel!


Starting Cronjob

  1. Select the Zoho item categories you want to include in the sync.
  2. Click on Save Cron
  3. Now go to your hosting cPanel settings and add this Cronjob there that run every three hours:


Important to know:
If you have more than 100 products, run the cronjob every 6 hours.
More than 1000 products? Run the cronjob every 12 hours.
More than 3000 products? Run the cronjob once a day. If you are still hitting the API calls limit after that, please purchase additional API batch from Zoho.

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